Best Ways to Increase Height Naturally very fast: Free Tips

Every person wants to reach and maintain good height. A short person feels less confident about himself and it tends to affect their day to day lives. There are a number of professions which require a person to be tall enough. Height does have an important place in the life of a person. Here are a number of tips that can help to increase your height naturally.

height increase natural tips

Be Self Confident:

Self confidence really makes a difference to the perception of a person. If a person is tall, but has no self confidence at all, then there is no use of the height.  Self confidence needs to be built up in children right from an early age. It must be cultivated as they grow up to be adults. Encourage children to take part in clubs, programs, and other such activities. Give them the confidence to pursue a hobby or interest. Indulging in such activities gives children a sense of self confidence and boosts their morale. They become confident, and that makes them smarter. A positive mindset with enough confidence even covers up for your shorter stature. Cultivate confidence in children.

Take Good Diet to increase height:

Diet plays a very important part in growing tall. You need a balanced diet with all essential nutrients and minerals. Junk foods, saturated fats, excessive sugar, and carbonated drinks must be avoided. Vitamin D rich foods like tofu, legumes, cheese, lean meat, and egg whites trigger growth hormones, and help in growth of teeth and bones. Deficiency of zinc causes stunted growth, so foods like chocolate, eggs, peanuts and oysters must be taken for the required amount of zinc. Magnesium, phosphorus, carbohydrates, vitamins, and other minerals and nutrients must also be taken in the required amounts. In case of deficiency, you can take supplements in limited quantities. Your diet must also be able to boost our metabolism. So, take 6 balanced meals daily, which are small and regular. This causes lesser fat to be stored in your body, and that helps in increasing height.

Sports and Exercises for height increase:

swimming tips for height increase

Indulging in sports and getting enough exercises as a child helps you grow taller. The body is cleansed and detoxified by sweating, you get more nutrients, and the stretching exercises stimulate your muscles and bones. Swimming is the most effective exercise one can indulge in. it should be started at an early age. Hanging exercises are also really useful. There are a number of stretching exercises that can be done on a regular basis to warm up before working out.


A number of illnesses that affect children cause stunted growth. So, children must be protected from all such illnesses. You need to give regular immunization to avoid these illnesses. Fruits like oranges, lemons, and grapefruit contain lots of Vitamin C which helps I building immunity. The immune system becomes healthy with such foods. Avoiding foods that are processed and hydrogenated like margarine is very important. You must stick to only whole and fresh foods. These practices are healthy and help in building up your immune system. You must stick to a healthy diet to keep your system healthy. Consume lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes. Foods containing lots of omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants help in keeping your immune system healthy. So, include lots of such foods in your diet.

Good Posture for increasing height:

good posture increases height

You must be careful to maintain the correct posture. When you are walking or standing, your shoulders should be straight, chin must be kept high, and hips must be over the feet. While sitting on a chair, you must be careful to keep your back straight. Keeping these things in mind will surely help increase your height. You should never stoop your shoulders. Another thing to care of is to get a good mattress and pillow so that your spine is comfortable while sleeping. Moreover, maintaining a good posture also makes you look taller and smarter.

Stay away from factors that stunt your growth:

You must make sure not to get your height affected by any factors, external or internal. Drugs and alcohol must be avoided at an early age. They cause malnutrition and stunted growth. As such, you become unable to reach your maximum height. Caffeine must be restricted, as it prevents regular and sound sleep. In children, this causes a shorter stature. At least 8 to 11 hours of sleep is required daily. Steroids also inhibit growth in children. Children and teenagers who are affected by asthma and use inhalers are found to be shorter than others. This is because inhalers contain budesonide, which is a steroid.

Sleeping Tips for increasing your height:

sleeping well increases height

The body rejuvenates itself, and cells are regenerated when a person sleeps. The Human Growth Hormone is produced when the body sleeps well at night. At least 8 to 11 hours of sleep is necessary for growing children and teenagers to reach maximum height. A bath in warm water just before sleep ensures a sound sleep. A cup of chamomile tea is also effective. Moreover, the environment you sleep in must enable you to sleep in peace.

Seek medical help:

In case you have tried all the above tips and still you find that your height is not up to the mark, you can consult your doctor. There can be any underlying medical conditions that could affect your growth. If most of your family members are tall, and you are still short in your mid teens, consulting your doctor will be a good idea. Detecting any such medical conditions at an early stage will be really useful.

Yoga poses for height increment:

height increase yoga tips

Yoga helps increase your height naturally, and that too, without much strain. Your body becomes fit and that boosts your height. There are a number of poses in yoga, which help release hormones that induce height. Muscles are strengthened, and the body posture is improved by a number of balancing and stretching exercises. The cobra pose, triangle pose, pleasant pose, mountain pose, and tree pose, along with Suryanamaskar, are very effective for a good fitness regime.

Follow all such tips to increase your height and stay taller. Stay confident and grow tall naturally.

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  8. Great Blog! combination of yoga, exercise, diet and regular posture of body can increase HGH(human growth hormone) which can affect to increase height upto 5 cm , for this combination use this professional android app

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