Most Common or Serious causes Of Dark Circles under your eyes

Dark circles are a common issue most women are worried about. Ever wondered why you have these dark circles? What causes the skin around your eyes to get so dark and dull? Well, here are a few common causes for dark circles. Read it to know the underlying cause, so that you can treat your dark circles most effectively.

dark circles under eyes


This is another factor that causes those big dark circles around your eyes. The eyes are surrounded by really thin and delicate skin. This skin becomes thinner as you age. Being so very thin, the blood vessels beneath the skin become more prominent. This leads to dark circles around your eyes. So, you need to take really good care of your eyes as you start ageing. The delicate skin around the eyes could cause dark circles to become more prominent with age.

Change your Unhealthy Lifestyle:

smoking causes dark circles

The skin around your eyes can reflect your lifestyle and habits to a great extent. Unhealthy habits can take a toll on your eyes and cause the formation of dark circles around them. Consuming too much alcohol and excessive smoking are two major reasons for dark circles. The dark circles get more prominent according to severity of these habits. The blood vessels around your eyes become more and more prominent with too much smoking. This forms dark circles. Alcohol and smoking are 2 habits that are really bad for your health. So, stay away from these addictions. Also, keep away from caffeinated drinks to avoid the formation of dark circles.

Dehydration can causes dark circles:

Water is very important for the sustenance of life. Without enough water, your body becomes prone to a host of diseases. It can cause severe medical conditions. A minimum of 8 glasses of water is needed every day for proper metabolic functions of the body, without which your body cannot function. Dehydration is a major cause of dark circles. If your body does not get the required amount of water, you are prone to getting dark circles.

Dark circles due to Genetics problems:

Genetics are the most causes for dark circles around your eyes. It is actually true that you do actually inherit it from your parents. Scientists have done several researches to reach to the conclusion that genetics pass down dark circles from generation to generation.

Hormonal imbalance means dark circles for you:

Hormonal changes in the body are also a cause for those dark circles. A woman goes through different phases of hormonal changes in her life. Pregnancy, post pregnancy, and menstruation are phases during which there are a lot of changes happening in the body. Along with the lifestyle changes, these hormonal changes lead to a considerable amount of stress. As the stress levels increase, it becomes evident by the formation of dark circles around the eyes. This is not something that can be avoided, but you can reduce the intensity by following a healthy diet and getting adequate amount of rest.

Lack of Nutrition can be reason as well:

You need proper nutrition to stay healthy. Lack of nutrition makes your skin look dull and lifeless. It also makes your body weak and leaves you with lack of energy. A poor diet causes lack of nutrition in your body this leads to dark circles around your eyes. You need the necessary amount of nutrients and vitamins to keep your body nourished and fresh. Only if your body is healthy will your eyes stay fresh. So, make sure you have a complete and balanced diet to avoid dark circles around your eyes.

Lack of Sleep, and Fatigue:

If your body does not get the required amount of sleep every night, dark circles are likely to develop around your eyes. The human body needs a minimum of 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night. It is during this time that the body heals itself, repairs the cells and tissues, and gets rejuvenated. It proper rest is not provided, the body is not able to heal itself. Lack of sleep makes your skin pale. This causes the dark circles to become more prominent. To avoid the formation of dark circles, get the necessary amount of 8 hours’ sleep daily. It is the human body’s natural mechanism for self repair. So, give your body the time to do it. Moreover, a good night’s sleep will leave your mind fresh and ready for a new day. Sleep is absolutely necessary for good mental and physical health.

Sleeping with Eye Makeup On:

sleeping with eye makeup

Not removing your eye makeup is another reason that can cause dark circles around your eyes. Even if it is just light makeup or a very heavy makeup, it is necessary to ensure that you clean it up completely before hitting the bed. Leaving on the makeup means letting the chemicals and other foreign objects to keep lingering over your skin. This can affect your skin adversely. The skin around the eyes is too delicate and is easily affected by all such things. So, get a good cleanser for this purpose. Wash your face well using a face wash and clear it of any oil, grime, and dirt. Use a good cleanser to clean your eyes and face after that. After cleansing, use a good moisturizer on your face. Using an eye gel is also a good option. Get a good quality one, and apply it under your eyes just before you sleep. It gives your eyes a soothing feeling while you sleep.

Besides these 8 common factors, there are a few other reasons for dark circles, too. Allergies are also a major cause, in which case you need to consult your dermatologist for proper medical treatment. Consumption of multivitamin pills can help you prevent dark circles. Cold and blocked nose also cause dark circles. The veins around the sinuses get darkened in this case. Mental stress is a very common factor, which makes your skin go dark. So, control stress and remain positive always. Relax your mind and body to make your skin look young and healthy. Most importantly, never rub your eyes. This can cause allergies and infections.

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