Dia Mirza Beauty, Makeup, Diet and Fitness Secrets

Dia Mirza has a flawless skin that can make any woman envious of her. This, added with her appealing personality, is sure to inspire anybody. She rose to fame after she won the Miss Asia Pacific in 2000. She has surely worked on her beauty. This has made her one of the most beautiful actresses in the tinsel town.

Dia Mirza Beauty and Skin Care Secrets:

Dia Mirza Beauty Skin Care

Dia Mirza has a fair complexion with combination skin. This makes it hard to manage. But she takes utmost care of her skin and always looks flawless.

For taking care of her skin, she follows a basic routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing. She never forgets to remove her makeup before she goes off to sleep at night. As she has a combination skin, she uses a moisturizer from a French brand Uriage.

Dia Mirza never steps outside without applying the sunscreen on her skin. She uses Vichy Capital Soleil with SPF 50 as the sunscreen. This has the ability to protect her face for up to 8 hours. This has helped a lot in keeping her skin flawless and beautiful.

Dia Mirza Makeup Secrets:

Dia Mirza Makeup Secrets

She remembers to always carry her own makeup kit wherever she goes. She likes to do a light coverage rather than applying heavy makeup. Her makeup for any occasion is sure to include a M. A. C Studio Fix foundation along with Bobbi Brown eyeliner, Makeup Forever to highlight her cheekbones, and lip gloss from Bobbi Brown.

You cannot say your beauty is complete without the right fragrance. The signature fragrance of Dia Mirza is DkNY Delicious.

Among the ‘must have products list’, of Dia Mirza, you are sure to find a tinted strawberry flavoured lip balm as well as a mascara and a fechana kohl pencil. All these are the products of M.A.C.

Dia Mirza was the Vogue Beauty Awards judge in the year 2011. She is blessed with a perfect skin and says that she is a minimalist. For the day look she prefers to use earth tones and for the night look she goes with kohl and a smudgy black eye.

Dia Mirza Hair Care Secrets:

Dia Mirza Hair Secrets

Dia Mirza has gorgeous hair. This has helped in adding to her beauty. She takes special care of her hair. She always uses natural products on her hair rather than those filled with chemicals, as chemicals can greatly damage hair. According to her, you should start taking care of your hair from the roots to have healthy and shiny hair. She trims her hair regularly and also takes some Vitamins and minerals. When she has a bad hair day as everyone else, then she wears it up or braids it.

When travelling on flight, she takes special care of her hair and skin. She never applies any makeup on her face when she on flight. This is the reason why she is often seen in the airport with huge sunglasses. She makes sure that she keeps her face and the under eye area well moisturized. She prefers to sport loose tied ponytail when she is travelling.

Dia Mirza Diet and Fitness Secrets:

Dia Mirza Diet Fitness

Dia Mirza is not only blessed with gorgeous skin, but also a perfect body. She is known for being fit and she maintains her body well. She says that her regular fitness routines and her healthy diet have helped a lot in maintaining her body. In an interview she said that her positive outlook towards her health, which included eating healthy and right, and a regular exercise, helps her stay fit and fine. She says that she avoids fried foods and heavy foods as much as possible. She also drinks a lot of water. This has helped in keeping her body well hydrated.

When she gets bored with the workout regimes she does, then she find a routine that is fun and exciting. So she does some kickboxing, swimming to horse riding, yoga, weight training, dancing and even running around her building.

Dia Mirza’s gorgeous looks, perfect complexion and well maintained body is because of her healthy and balanced diet. She is a foodie, but she makes sure that she eats right and eats healthy. She avoids heavy and fried foods and prefers to have vegetables in the form of salads, and chicken or fish that are grilled or steamed. She does not believe in crash diets and eats every two hours between her meals. She also drinks plenty of water.

Dia Mirza Style Secrets:

Dia Mirza carries herself with elegance. She has an impeccable sense of style. It is simple and classy. She knows well to dress up according to the occasion and is known to personalize the ongoing trends perfectly.

Dia Mirza’s Love Saga with the Body Shop Products:

The body shop lines of products have a significant role on Dia Mirza’s beauty. It is expected as she is the brand ambassador of these products. Dia has been traditional for the pre-Diwali celebration organized by The Body Shop in its Delhi store. As usual, her skin looked flawless. Being the brand ambassador for Body Shop, Dia Mirza says what helps her to look beautiful. Recently in Delhi, in the body shop event, Dia Mirza revealed beauty secrets. Here she said that she loves the beauty range of the body shop as these products are made with natural ingredients. She revealed top 10 iconic products by the body shop that she loves to use.

They are as follows:

  1. Moringa Body Butter
  2. White Musk Eau De Toilette
  3. Tea Tree Oil
  4. Spa Wisdom Africa Ximenia & Salt Scrub
  5. Vitamin E Moisture Cream
  6. Strawberry Shower Gel
  7. All-In One Face Base
  8. Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser
  9. Vitamin e Eye Cream
  10. White Musk Smooth Satin Body Lotion

Dia Mirza says that she has been an ardent fan of The Body Shop products for as long as she can remember. She says that she is like that passionate fanatic who is totally addicted to the best naturally inspired beauty products.

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