Easy Weight Loss Plans for Indian Men and Women

A good lifestyle, healthy eating habits and proper exercise is essential for you to lose the extra pounds in your body. The diet you follow must contain all the nutrients essential for your body, so that your health is well maintained.

Best Weight Loss Meal Plans:

Here are some diet plans for Indians that are effective for losing weight:

Anjali Mukherjee Weight Loss Plan:

Anjali Mukherjee Weight Loss Plan

Anjali Mukherjee of Health Total is reputed for providing diets suitable for each individual. This diet plan aims at losing weight in a quick and natural way, which is safe for your body and also sustainable. It is scientifically based and it advises you to consume proper food that is healthy and good for your body. The food you choose helps in increasing your health and also must suit your taste buds. The diet plans by Anjali Mukherjee advise you never to starve in order to lose weight. Instead, it asks you to have enough of the right food, so that your body gets cleansed and energetic, and at the same time reduce the flab.

Indian Version GM Diet Plan:

Indian GM Diet Plan

This diet was originally devised by the employees of General Motors Incorporated, USA and is known as GM diet. GM diet in Indian vegetarian version is regarded as one of the effective diet plans in India. It is a 7 day diet plan that helps in detoxifying the body. It includes eating of different types of food each day. These diets provide different nutritional benefits to the body. Fruits, vegetables, bananas, milk, cottage cheese, rice etc are some of the food items included in this diet. It is also important that you drink lots of water when you are on this diet. By following this diet plan, you can lose 5 to 10 kg of weight in a week.

Rujuta Diwekar Diet Plan:

Rujuta Diwekar Diet Plan

Rujuta Diwekar is a well known nutritionist and fitness expert and her diet plans have been of great benefit for many. The credit for giving size zero figure to Kareena Kapoor goes to her. This diet plan advises you to have 8 small healthy low calories meals per day. She says that this helps in avoiding craving for food. You also have to drink lots of water to detoxify the system. You need to take nutritional supplements daily to keep your body well nourished while exercising by the pi rule, which means at least 7 out of 22 days. This is essential to get a healthy and well toned body without any flab.

South Indian Diet Plan:

South Indian Diet Plan

This is one of the latest diet plans, which is a blessing for those who love to have South Indian food. Some of the South India foods like idli, sambar, butter milk etc are delicious and at the same time detoxifying. They are also low in calories. So, having these foods help in keeping your calorie intake within control and help you lose weight easily.

3 Day Fruit Flush Diet Plan:

3 Day fruit flush diet Plan

Jay Robb, an American nutritionist, is the person behind this diet. This diet advises you to consume fruits at an interval of 2 hours. This helps in flushing out the toxins from your body and also burns the calories and aids in losing weight. The nutrients, fiber and water present in these fruits help in removing toxins from the body, restoring the health of the digestive system. The lean proteins are very beneficial for burning calories and losing the extra pounds you have gained. Along with the fruits, you can consume protein shakes, one whole meal and vegetables during this 3 day diet. By following this diet properly, you can lose up to 10 lb of weight.

5 Factor Diet Meal Plan:

5 Factor Diet Meal Plan

5 Factor diet is a diet plan that includes 5 nutrients, which are carbohydrates, fibers, proteins, fluids and fats. You have to include them in five meals that you take per day. You also have to include 5 exercise plans with this diet, each consisting of 5 exercises of 5 minutes duration for each.

5 Day apple diet Plan:

5 Day Apple Diet Plan

Apple is healthy for your body and is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, fiber. It is also low in calories. Moreover, apple is a natural laxative and helps in removing toxins from your body, in addition to maintaining a healthy digestive and nervous system.

7 Day Liquid Diet Plan:

7 Day Liquid Diet Plan

When you follow the liquid diet, you are to consume large amounts of water, protein shakes, juices and other liquids that are healthy for your body. These liquids help in detoxifying your body and keep your body nourished and rejuvenated. Liquid diet keeps you feel fuller, thus preventing overeating. By following this diet with dedication, you can not only lose weight, but also improve your general health.

7 Day Flat Belly Diet Plan:

7 Day Flat Belly Diet Plan

This diet plan is proposed by James Duigan, and according to him, having unhealthy, processed, junkĀ  and fat laden foods makes your body store fats. This diet advises you to have the right food and also to keep a control on the intake of unhealthy food. This diet plan is aimed at burning the calories fast. When you follow this diet, you are to consume lean meat, chicken, fish, organic vegetables etc. Along with this diet, it is also important that you exercise regularly. This way you will be able to shed the flab easily.

1200 calorie diet plan:

1200 calorie diet plan

This is a diet plan that is low in fat and high in fiber content. 1200 Calorie diet helps in burning up to 1200 calories per day. Following this diet helps you remain healthy and fit as well as flab free. You can burn the excess calories in your body and lose weight effectively by following this diet plan properly.

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