European Women Skin, Beauty, Makeup and Fitness Secrets

European women are known for their beauty. They have soft and supple skin and a well shaped body. They mostly rely on age-old home remedies and try to take care of their skin using natural ingredients. Many of these ingredients are present in your own pantry.

European women are very serious about maintaining their beauty. They were ready to do anything to have narrow waists and curves and this led them to adopt corset. It is said that they used to paint their face with mercury in olden times. If you are keen to know about their beauty secrets, read on. It is not very harsh or tough.

European Women Beauty and Skin Secrets:

European Beauty Skin Secrets

Enough Sleep:

European women make sure that they sleep 8 to 10 hours every day. This helps in giving them a soft and supple skin. According to them, having a good sleep is good for getting rid of stress from their mind and giving them a fresh look and glowing skin.

Follow CTM Routine:

They take care to cleanse tone and moisturize their skin every day. This helps in keeping their skin fresh, clear and free from any infections. Moisturizing the skin is very beneficial for delaying the signs of aging on the skin.

Facial Treatment:

European women are very much particular about taking care of their skin in the proper way. They go for a good facial once in a while. European facial consists of cleansing, peel-off mask, toning and face and neck massage. Cleansing helps in removing dust and dirt from the skin while scrubbing removed dead skin cells. A cooling face pack relaxes you and the peel-off is for the glow on the skin. For all this beauty treatment, they take about one and a half hour. No matter how busy they are, they find time to indulge in this beauty treatment. Once they are done with the facial, their face will remain glowing and fresh for the next 15 days.

Follow Aromatherapy:

European beauties also believe in aromatherapy and this is considered as one of the major beauty secrets of European women. They are of the opinion that aromatherapy makes you feel relaxed with its amazing aromas and helps in detoxifying your body. As a result, you will get a well hydrated and supple skin that is very beautiful. It is also good for making your complexion brighter.

Water is Best Beauty Elixir:

They know well that water has an important role in keeping your skin soft and glowing. So they drink enough water every day. This helps in flushing out toxins from the body and giving you a healthy and flawless skin. They make sure that they drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily.

Makeup Secrets of European Women:

European Women Makeup Secrets

No Makeup:

For regular days European women do not prefer to wear any makeup. If their skin has any scars or blemishes, they will cover them with a foundation. This provides them a natural look and keeps them beautiful.

Right Makeup:

When they attend a party or nay such special occasions, they appear looking very beautiful with the help of appropriate makeup. They conceal all their scars and blemishes on their face with the right makeup. They also apply a bright color lipstick, which helps in highlighting their lips. They make sure that the color of the lipstick matches well with their outfit.

So, you can see that their beauty secrets are not that hard to follow. They are also very obsessed about staying healthy and fit. So, they follow some fitness diet, the secret of which is revealed below.

European Women Diet and Fitness Tips:

European Diet Fitness Tips

No to Packaged Foods:

Nowadays, majority of the people around the world depend on packaged foods. They are tasty and you need not spend time cooking food. So they are very convenient for you, especially if you are very busy and hardly get any extra time. But European people try to avoid packaged foods. Instead, they go for whole foods. Some of the snacks they prefer to have are tomatoes with mozzarella, with olive oil drizzled on them, freshly made pita bread and hummus and so on. These are far better and healthy than eating any nutrition bar or a 100-calories snack coming in packets.

Personal Training or Instructor are Preferred:

Exercises are also very important in their daily routine. They do exercise to keep their body in good shape. Most of them pay a visit to the gym at least 4 times a week. Many of the European ladies have a personal trainer, who guides them and teaches them to do exercise properly. This way they stay fit and beautiful.

Real Deal with Probiotic Drinks:

People in Europe have the habit if consuming probiotic drinks. This helps in supplying your body with good bacteria, which are needed for a healthy and fit body. One interesting fact is that they have been having probiotic drinks since a long time back.

Relax and get pampered in Sauna bathtub:

It is a part of European routine to spend some time in a steam room or to have a sauna bath daily. This helps in getting rid of all dirt, pollutions and impurities form your skin, which otherwise may clog the pores of the skin. Most of the European homes have a sauna bathtub in their bathroom. This enables them to cleanse their body when they feel the need. This not only keeps your skin beautiful, but also protects you from cold, flu and so on.

Tea is infusion of every class:

One of the favorite beverages of the Europeans is tea. Tea has its own health benefits. Sometimes they drink tea in the place of water. According to research made, it was shown that one cup of herbal tea is better than having a glass of water. Water, as you know, is necessary for keeping your body well hydrated. Tea is also believed to have the same property and keeps your body moisturized and in good condition. In addition, tea contains some flavonoids, which have the power to protect your body from various types of cancers and diseases of the heart.

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