How to Choose the Right Makeup for Your Skin Tone

Fashion and makeup trends vary with time. Everyone loves to follow the latest makeup trends and fashion without even thinking whether these suit them and highlight their personality. When you choose a makeup, you must check whether it suits your skin tone or not. Many of you may not know which makeup or trend is suitable for your skin tone. You can go to a professional makeup artist to know about it or you can find out for yourself. To test what your skin tone is and which colors suit you the most, you can follow a few steps given below.

Right Makeup for Skin

White shirt test:

To conduct this test you have to wear a white shirt and look into a mirror under natural light or incandescent light. Remember not to stand in fluorescent light or yellow light. By looking yourself this way you will be able to understand what your skin tone is. If your skin reflects warm tones like yellow or red, it means that you have a warm undertone. On the other hand, if the skin reflects cool tones like pink or blue tones, that means that you have a cool undertone. So, when you choose foundations, concealers and makeup colors you have to keep this in mind and select accordingly.

What is your Skin Color? Decide Category

You can find four types of skin color category, which are fair, dark, olive and medium. Generally the skin color category depends on the country where your belong to and the climate there, your genes or your ethnicity. Sometimes you may not completely belong to a particular category, but may be in between two skin color categories. In that case you have to choose makeup items with a color that is nearest to your skin color.

Brown or Dark Color:

You can select brown color or a color near to brown tone if you are an African American or have deep dark complexion.


This color is perfect for African Americans with fair skin, Mediterranean people and people belonging to the category of Latino.


If you originate from the West, you will have a white skin and your skin color category will be pink or somewhat near to this color. If you have this type of skin, it will have pink or porcelain undertones. This skin gets burned before it gets tanned.


Caucasian group of people have beige or yellow undertones of the skin. Asian people with fair skin also come under this group. If you have this type of skin, you must choose a color that is close to the yellow color or a color nearest to yellow.

Tips to Pick the Right Foundation for Your Skin Tone:

  1. Choosing the correct foundation for your skin is very difficult and you must choose it with due care. Many of you choose the wrong color and end up looking odd. If you have a wheat colored skin, then you must never use pink foundation on your skin as will make you look pale instead looking fair. Similarly, dark skinned people must choose foundations that enhance their skin tone instead of colors that can completely mar their look and make their face color different from the color of their body.
  2. Before you apply a foundation on your face, you have to check it and see if it is compatible with your skin tone and your skin undertone. The right places to check it is the area between your lower cheek and the jaw bone. After you apply it and blend it on the skin, if you are not able to see it, then it means that the foundation color your have chosen is the right one. Usually you get foundations that are blue-pink based or yellow based. If you are having a cool skin tone, you can apply blue or pink based foundations.

From the above descriptions you can see that Indian complexions are generally not pink based or blue based, even if you are very fair. Here you have a complexion that is between yellow and brown based.

  1. If you have a warm or wheatish skin tone, you may select a foundation that is yellow based.
  2. If you have a darker skin or if you are an African American, then you must choose a foundation that is yellow based or beige.
  3. When you apply the foundation to enhance your skin tone, you must take care that you use the correct foundation color and not one that makes your face look deadly pale or ashen.
  4. Never forget to blend it on your neck and chest as well.
  5. If your hands look different in color, you can apply it on your hands also.

How to Choose Makeup Brushes?


Blush helps in highlighting your facial features and making it more prominent. Pinks and rose are for those who have a pale or very fair skin. Yellow toned people can choose beige or tawny. For olive skinned people bronze, brown and copper blush are right. If you have a dark skin, you can select various colors like peach, plums or burnt-orange-bronze.


The eye shadow you choose must contrast with the color of your eyes.


Dark blue and black eyeliners are suitable for those who have black eyes. For those who have light eyes, brown and light blue eyeliners are the best.

Hair color trend:

When you make a change in your hair color and style, you must remember that the color that you use on your hair must contrast with the color of your makeup.

Lipstick test:

Before applying lipstick, swipe it on a white tissue paper to note its exact color. Rose, pink, red and even lilac lipstick look good on pale cool skin toned people. If you have a warm or yellow skin tone, you use all these colors as well as plum, mauve and champagne.

For olive skinned people beige, brown, corals, red and light pink colored lipsticks are right.

Brown and dark skinned people can use purple, red, mauve, nude, rose or pink gloss.

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