How to Get Perfect Rosy Cheeks without Using Makeup?

Rosy cheeks either pink or red make a girl look pretty and attractive. So it is the dream of every young woman to have rosy cheeks. Many apply makeup so that their cheeks look rosy. But this is not the only way to get rosy cheeks. You can also get it in a natural way, so that your cheeks stay rosy all the time and the color do not go away once the makeup is removed.

Rosy Cheeks Without Makeup

Natural Ways to Get Rosy Cheeks:

Below are some ways which will help you to get rosy cheeks naturally. This is much better than the way you get it by applying makeup. It makes you look beautiful in a natural way.

Anger and stress management:

Stress and anger play a great role in taking off the glow from your skin. Yoga and meditation help you in this. A good sleep is also essential. If you sleep less, your stress levels will also shoot up. A good sleep makes you feel fresh and energetic when you get up. In addition, your skin secretes oil when you sleep, which can keep your skin well nourished. All these help in providing you a glowing skin with rosy cheeks.

Exfoliate Skin Everyday:

When dead skin cells accumulate on your skin, your skin will become dull and lifeless. So exfoliating your skin regularly is very important. This will remove all dead skin cells, dirt and grease from your skin and expose the fresh layer of skin. Thus you will have soft and rosy cheeks. For regular exfoliation of the skin, use a mild and gentle scrub. You must not scrub your skin every day as it can harm your skin. Also remember not to scrub your skin very harshly and roughly.

Mild bleaching of Skin:

Bleaching the skin mildly can help you in getting rosy cheeks. To bleach the skin in a gentle way, apply some cider vinegar on the cheeks with the help of cotton balls. This can rejuvenate your skin and make it lively. However, if your skin shows some reaction towards the vinegar, do not apply it again o your skin. You can also use lemon juice instead of cider vinegar. But you must remember not to go out in the sun soon after you apply lemon juice. This is because lemon juice can make your skin sensitive to the rays of the sun.

Proper Exercise and Enough hydration:

Doing exercise daily flushes out all toxins from your body and provides you a healthy skin. Proper hydration is also essential for a beautiful skin. So keep yourself well hydrated by drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day. This will provide you a glowing skin and rosy cheeks.

Proper, sufficient and Balanced diet:

If you have a good and healthy meal, it is sure to show on your skin and hair. It makes you look healthy and fit. You must never ever skip your meals even when you are following a diet plan. Another thing to remember is that crash dieting is not going to do any good for your health. It is necessary to take at last four healthy meals per day, which means that you must never skip your breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner.

If you feel hungry in between your main meals, you may consume some light snacks, which are healthy for your body. Take care not to stay hungry. If your stomach is asking for food, have some healthy snack immediately. Otherwise you will eat more when you have your next meal and this can lead to an increase in weight.

The food you take in can provide you a natural glow from inside. So follow these tips given below:

  1. Try to have less of red meat. Instead you can have fish and chicken. This is because red meat like beef, lamb and pork contain more cholesterol and saturated fat than fish and chicken.
  2. Include sprouts to your regular meal. These are great for your health as they are rich sources of proteins.
  3. You can consume low fat milk and milk products. So have skimmed milk and low fat yogurt. They are good for your health and provide you beautiful skin.
  4. To get enough proteins daily, you must add lentils in your diet. They are rich sources of protein and supply you with the required amount of protein you need.

Proper Face massage:

If there is a good circulation of blood under your skin, your skin will glow naturally. So massage your face properly in circular and anti-circular motions with your finger tips. This will help you in getting a glowing skin with rosy cheeks within a few days, if you do this regularly. You can also use facial massage cream to massage your face.

Vitamins Supply is Essential:

Two vitamins are very essential for providing you a glowing skin, which are vitamin E and C. If you have cracked lips no matter what you apply on your lips then it means that your body is lacking in Vitamins E and C. Drying of the skin of your face more than the normal level is also a sign that these vitamins are deficient in your body. In such cases you have to consult a doctor and take supplements of these vitamins.

Along with this you can also apply a paste made of orange peel, which is rich in Vitamin A. Mix this peel with some cream milk and a broken Vitamin C capsule. Apply this on your face, focusing on your cheeks. Wait for 20 minutes and then wash with lukewarm water.

So, say goodbye to makeup tricks and try to follow some of the tips given above. This way you will succeed in getting glowing skin and rosy cheeks without any application of makeup on your face. This is natural and do not vanish as soon as you wash your face.

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