How to use Emu Oil for Hair Growth: Properties and Benefits

Every girl likes to have long lustrous hair. In fact, healthy, long and lustrous hair is the crowning glory for any girl. Nobody wants to lose that. It can lead to sleepless nights, panic attacks and even depression for many. Most of the people will run for hair treatments, and even to fix appointments with dermatologists when they see strands of hair falling on the floor. So what can we actually do to control hair fall? Most of you have tried many different ways, either homemade remedies, or other treatment methods to tackle hair fall. But have you ever thought about Emu oil as a solution? This article will help you understand the benefits of emu oil for your hair.

Emu Oil Benefits Hair

Emu oil is a wonder oil which is taken from the fat of emu, a flightless bird which is found mostly in Australia. It has been proven by research that emu oil is natural oil that is capable of stopping hair loss and can also help in regrowing your hair in 30 days. It is unbelievable to see how effective the sterilized oil extract from the fat of emu bird is for our hair. How the emu oil works to regrow your hair would really surprise you. Emu oil has got many natural properties that encourage hair growth. Let us see how this wonder oil really works.

Emu oil Properties and Benefits for Hair Growth:

  • Emu oil is a neutral lipid as it is naturally triglyceride in nature. Also since this oil has no phosphorus content in it, it is capable of penetrating right into the hair and hence results in hair growth.
  • Emu oil helps in waking up 80 percent of your hair follicles. Regularly using this oil will help in making your hair roots stronger and also helps in increasing the thickness of your skin. This in turn will help in starting your hair to grow again.
  • Emu oil also has got anti inflammatory properties. Because of this property of this oil, our body does not throw off this oil, and hence it helps in reducing the stiffness and swellings on the scalp; all of which often acts as a hassle to hair growth.
  • Emu oil acts as a 5 alpha reductive inhibitor in the target tissues when it is applied topically. This contributes amazingly to the hair growth properties of our scalp.
  • Emu oil is a good emulsifier and hence it blends easily with our skin and hair. Emu oil can easily blend with water and form cream like product that would not be oily on our scalp. Such a creamy product can easily penetrate the skin barriers without leaving any oily residue behind.
  • Emu oil, if in its pure and processed state does not encourage the growth of bacterial organisms. It can fight against fungus and other infections on the scalp which restricts hair growth. Thus it is good for your hair growth and for the protection of your hair and scalp from other microorganisms.
  • Emu oil also has got non-comedogenic properties because of which it does not clog up your scalp pores like what many other oils do. This in turn wonderfully helps in improving your hair growth.
  • Because of this same property of this oil, there are many other benefits too. Most of the ladies do complain that they get pimples on their face when they regularly use any oil for hair growth. The good thing about emu oil is that, because of its non comedogenic properties, it does not lead to formation of pimples on regular use.
  • Like our skin, our hair and scalps also require to be moisturized. Emu oil is a very good moisturizer. Using this oil regularly will help in maintaining and sustaining a healthy scalp, which will in turn boost the hair growth.

All these make emu oil a good solution to your hair problems. If you have plans to buy this oil, it is advisable to go for pure and real emu oil from registered vendors. Processed and rendered emu oils are entirely different. To use for your hair, it is better to go for processed emu oil. This is because processed emu oil will be free from other body residues from the emu bird, where as the rendered emu oil would still have some remaining contaminants.

How often to use Emu oil for Hair Growth?

According to the hair growth experts, you should use emu oil at least three times in a day. Massaging the oil properly into your scalp three times a day would give you maximum results. It would be better if you apply larger quantities of this oil and let it remain on your hair for around 20 to 30 minutes before you wash it off with lukewarm water. Doing this regularly according to the directions will show visible results within 30 to 60 days.

Synthetic products and treatments ca never give you permanent results. Using chemicals on your hair only leads to further hair issues instead of alleviating the problem. Using medications is also not advised unless you have any serious underlying medical conditions causing hair fall and related damage. So, it is always a good idea to invest in natural products and processes to take care of your hair. You can find different kinds of remedies online to treat different types of hair. Some of them may work and some won’t, depending on your hair texture and condition, and also your lifestyle. Emu oil is something that can show wonders for all types of hair. Make is a regular practice to use it on your hair. You are sure to love it once you start seeing the results. Do try this oil and feel the change.

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