Iranian Women Makeup, Beauty, Hair care and Diet Secrets

Iranian women are considered to be really beautiful and attractive. They keep all their parts covered, except for their face. But still, they make it a point to stick to their beauty regime, which is the main secret to the beautiful and flawless look of these women. They have a few tips to keep themselves healthy and fit. Read on for a few of their makeup and fitness secrets.

Iranian Women beauty secrets

Beauty Bar:

The Iranian women stay away from too much experimenting on their faces. Women all over the world have a habit to try out new products and cosmetics on their face. As for the Iranians, they stick to a single bar for their beauty requirements. Experimenting is not in their books. The beauty bars they use contain moisturizing cream as an essential ingredient. They make sure it keeps their skin moisturized, and does not dry it out. Using a fixed bar is very helpful in giving a more beautiful and flawless look to their face.

Body Oils:

Body oils are very helpful in keeping the skin polished and fresh at all times. As such, it is a very important part of the beauty regime for every Iranian woman. Skin remains fresh, and even hydrated. These body oils lock the moisture in the skin, and prevent dryness of the skin. It becomes soft, supple, and rejuvenated.


The eyes are considered to be the most beautiful features of the face by the Iranians. As such, they give a lot of importance to this part. Actually, they are totally right. The eyes are called the reflection of the heart, and it is the one feature that is noticed at a single glance. Beautifully defined eyes capture every beholder’s attention. So, put on good eye make up to accentuate your eyes. Make them more beautiful and appealing. Use your eye liner, primer, kohl, kajal, and eye shadows, properly in the correct manner. Make sure not to smudge the eye makeup. Use them in correct amounts without looking like you have done too much of makeup. Give your eyes an even more beautiful and dramatic look. It is sure to show up on your overall appearance.

Nose Job:

Rhinoplasty, or nose job, is a very popular treatment in Iran. In a year, about 60,000 women in Iran perform this treatment on their nose. The nose is very important for the Iranians, and is considered a status symbol. As such, they perform a nose job to give the perfect shape to their nose. They feel really proud after the treatment session. It enhances their beauty naturally and gives them the look they desire.

Threading or Hair Removal in Time:

In Iran, eyebrow threading has been common since about thousands of years. The professionals in the country give the perfect arch without causing any damage to the skin or eyes. In Iran, this process of threading the eyebrows is called Bande Abru. As for the Iranian women, eyebrow threading is not the only thing they do for their eyebrows. Brushing the eyebrows is a common practice. A toothbrush is used to brush the eyebrows every morning and evening. This is very helpful in maintaining the arched shape of the eyebrows. The eyebrows remain neat and clean. Threading is also done to remove all unwanted facial hairs. This keeps the face beautiful and flawless.

So, you all now know about some of the most important makeup and beauty secrets of Iranian women. Next, it is time to look at some of the main diet and fitness secrets that these women perform. They are very careful about beauty from outside, as well as inside. So, they offer no compromise with keeping their body fit and healthy.

Diet Plan and Fitness Secrets:

Lots of Water:

Water is a very important beauty drink. Iranian women make sure they drink lots of water on a daily basis. They need at least 10 glasses of water daily, to keep fit and beautiful. This is essential to keep the skin moisturized and body well hydrated. Water does the job of removing toxins from the body. This keeps the body healthy and fresh at all times. Lack of water makes the skin rough and dry. It is the reason for a number of skin problems and also health problems. So, the Iranian women never take a risk in this matter.


Rice is actually the most common food in Iran. It is locally available, which ensures it can be purchased easily. The Iranians consume rice as part of their daily meal, and even for dinner. Rice is rich in carbohydrates, which is essential for providing energy to the body. Your body remains fit only if it gets the required amount of energy from the food you eat. If your body does not get thee carbohydrates, it starts feeling irritable and sluggish. This affects the health of the body, and leads to lack of concentration. To remain healthy and beautiful, rice is essential. As such, the Iranians consume it regularly.


The Iranian women make sure their daily beauty regime includes walking. Their regime is incomplete without this one part of exercise. Walking is very helpful for losing weight and staying fit. Moreover, it also keeps your body safe from diseases like breast cancer and diabetes. It is a very light, but effective, kind of physical activity, in which you can indulge yourself regularly.

Yogurt and Honey in Breakfast:

The Iranians stick to a light breakfast. That is what they like and also prefer. A dish which is made of cold rice and honey is a usual breakfast for them. Moreover, they even enjoy having yogurt early in the morning. This keeps them feeling fresh all day long. It is essential for keeping their body fit and rejuvenated.

So, here were a few secrets about Iranian women. Even you can try the above tips and tricks to keep your body fit, and your skin healthy. This enhances your beauty and keeps you leaving fresh all day long.

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