Mud Bath – How to make it – Benefits for Skin and Health

Most of you must have heard about mud bath. It is a much talked about topic among those who are beauty conscious. When you hear about somebody talking about mud bath, you might have wondered how anybody could want to bathe in mud. But mud bath has lots of benefits that will amaze you.

Mud Bath

What is a Mud Bath?

Mud bath means taking bath with mud. The mud you use is taken from areas where hot spring water can combine with volcanic ash. Mud bath consists of volcanic ash, distilled water that is hot and peat. Peat is a collection of organic matter. Mud bath existed fro thousands of years.

Benefits of Mud Bath for Skin and Health:

  1. Mud bath is great for making your body feel totally relaxed. The mud and warm water combination is very effective for loosening the tense nerves in your body.
  2. When you are taking mud bath, you feel as if your body is floating. This feeling help in killing stress in your mind and body.
  3. As mentioned earlier, mud and water combination has anti-inflammatory properties. These properties are beneficial for providing you relief from the pain in the joints.
  4. The mud that comes from the earth is packed with minerals. Applying this mud on your body helps in removing all impurities from your body. Mud bath is an excellent way to get rid of toxins from your body. So, you can say that mud bath keeps your body healthy.
  5. As mentioned above, mud bath uses volcanic ash. Volcanic ash is a wonderful exfoliant. It has the ability to remove all the dead cells present on your body, exposing the fresh skin beneath. So, mud bath can make your skin fresh looking and healthy.
  6. The warm water that you use helps in opening up all the veins in your body. This way blood circulation in your body is increased.
  7. When you have mud bath, all the minerals present in the water is absorbed by your body. These minerals help in neutralizing the pH level of your body. Your body’s neutral pH is 7.41.
  8. By having mud bath in a spa that is located far from the noise and pollution of the town, you will be able relax and calm your mind more effectively.
  9. After you have had your mud bath, ask for a body massage. This helps loosening your muscles. After the body massage your body feel rejuvenated.
  10. Mud bath is also a means to vent out your adventurous desires. Whenever you want to try something adventurous, but do not want to get tired, you can go for a mud bath.

The Mud Bath Experience:

A typical mud bath taken at the spa is divided into many parts:

  1. 1st shower: first of all you have to take a shower to prepare your body for immersion.
  2. Mud immersion: The mud mixture at the temperature of 110 degrees is very arm and thick. You are made to step into the tub and position your body in such a way that your body is fully covered in the substance. If any spots are left uncovered, the attendant will cover it for you. This step lasts for about 12 minutes. It is important to note the following points at this stage:
  • Your body will be suspended in the mud and you will feel as if your body has become weightless. This helps in relaxing your muscles.
  • Those who are having this experience for the first time may feel drowsy and even drift off to sleep for a few moments during the immersion. This sensation is felt due to the steamy environment and the soothing properties of the mud.
  • After the immersion, you may find it a bit difficult to get out of the tub. This is because your body is fully covered with a thick coating of mud, and it is quite sticky and heavy.
  1. 2nd shower: The second shower is to remove the viscous mud from your body. It will take a few minutes as the mud can cling to your body and you need to scrape off the mud from your body.
  2. Mineral bath: This bath takes about 15 minutes. Here your body is subjected to the bubbling vigour of hot-air jets. It is very soothing and energises your body.
  3. Steam bath: Next you are taken to the steam room, which is quiet and warmed with moist heat. The steam room is also scented with aromatherapy oils to enhance your experience.
  4. Blanket wrap: This is the final stage of mud bath, in which your body is swathed in a clean, dry blanket in a private room. This is a cooling down process and often you have a nap at this stage.

How to make mud bath at home:

You get mud bath only in fancy spas. But these spas are very expensive, so not possible for the budget customers. If you do not want to spend a large sum of money for mud bath, you have the option to prepare mud bath at home. Here is what you have to do.

Fill your bath tub with warm water and then add 2 cups of mud to the water. You can pick moor mud for preparing mud bath at home. This mud is rich in nutrients and minerals. If you wish so, you can add a few drops of essential oil to your bath. This helps in providing a relaxing fragrance. Now you can get into the tub. Completely soak your body in the water, except your head. Stay in your bath for 20 minutes. Remember not to stay more than the time limit. Now you have to drain the tub. Step out of the tub and take a shower in lukewarm water. Once you have cleaned your body, you can lie on a soft bed and get some rest for your body.

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