Priyanka Chopra Beauty, Hair Care, Makeup and Fitness Tips

Priyanka Chopra, well known as Piggy Chops, has received more than expected love from the audience in India and Overseas. World loves her not only because she won the Miss World contest, but also because of her looks and acting skills. She has got the perfect looks and has loads of talent. Her hard working nature has taken her to great heights. After winning the Miss World crown, she went on become a successful actress and a popular artist too. She is basking in the glory of a successful career as an actor, singer, performer and also a philanthropist.

Other than being a successful actress, she is also a good person at heart. She has joined UNICEF and is working with it since many years. She is working hard to improve the conditions related to child rights and is constantly striving to create awareness about education for girls. When it comes to endorsing a brand, she has been associated with popular brands like Garnier, Pepsi, Nokia, Nestle, Hero Honda and others. She is brand ambassador for many of the brands stated above.

Priyanka Chopra is very much concerned about her looks and beauty. She makes it a point to take care of her skin on a regular basis. Here are some of her beauty care tips and routines and also the products she uses on a daily basis.

Priyanka Chopra’s Beauty Secrets:

Priyanka Chopra Beauty Secrets


Whenever you see her in movie or in an interview, you will always find a blush on her cheeks. She is known to be a fan of peachy pink shades or at times, lighter shades of peach brown colour. When it comes to the brand, she prefers using Nars Orgasm which is one of her signature blushes. It is bit expensive but a must have if you want the best blush for your skin. Thus, she takes great care in maintaining her cheek blushes well so as to make her look more beautiful.


Priyanka is known for her dusky beauty. Here looks, smile and attitude perfectly matches with the kind of work she is doing. She has got her unique looks and is comfortable with everything she puts on. She manages doing her role well in any kind of film and maintains her looks well, be it any role. Her snaps accentuate her eyes and cheekbones, while not much is done to her lips. They are kept nude or neutral. Her lips are not so perfect and give more of a voluptuous look, so she tries to make them look normal by playing down on them. She tries to take away attention of people from her lips. Thus, she knows it well how to manage her looks and sharpen her best features, hiding those which are not so good.

Lip Care:

Lips need extra care as they are very sensitive to pollution and weather conditions. Priyanka tries to maintain the moisture of her lips by applying fresh cream to it which she gets from the cream formed when milk is boiled well. She is of the opinion that this remedy helps her to keep her lips soft and hydrated. Not on this, it helps her in nourishing her lips when it is applied overnight. When she applies make up, she prefers nude brown and pink colours and hardly goes for darker colours so that her lips don’t look bigger than her size. Her favourite choice here is Laura Mercier lip stain which comes in Mulberry colour. She is also a regular user of Body Shop’s Born Lippy lip balms. Piggy Chops always advices people to keep their lips soft and nourished so that you don’t need to apply much makeup there. And she also tells to take extra care during winter season.

Priyanka Chopra’s Hair Care:

Priyanka Chopra Hair Care

Her hair is one of the best assets given to her by God. She is blessed with great hair which look awesome when they are coloured or streaked. She manages them well and can come up with any style looking good on her. She knows well that hot oil massages work wonder for her. She is great fan of it and regularly indulges on such massages. She is also of a view that hot oil treatment is a great way to relax your body and mind. When she returns home after a tiring and hectic day, she indulges into hot oil massage to keep her hair soft and silky as always. Hot oil is a great remedy for dry hair. Try to heat oil up to 40 degrees and apply it on the hair. Massage it for some time. Leave your hair in such condition for about one hour. Later on wash your hair with a good shampoo. You will see excellent results and you hair will be better than ever.

Priyanka Chopra’s Diet Plan:

Priyanka Chopra Diet Plan

Image credits: Flickr

Priyanka makes it a point to follow a regular diet regime to keep her body fit and fine. First of all, she stresses on drinking loads of water to flush out all the toxins from her body. Moreover, she also has coconut water every other day to keep her body hydrated. On an average you should consume about 8 to 9 glasses of water in a day to maintain your body in a good condition. Always prefer healthy drinks over baked or fried and fattening food. Don’t indulge into aerated drinks to make up for water in your body. This is not a healthy option.

This pout lipped beauty has certain make up choices which gives her the perfect look and charm. She generally prefers going for MAC products for her eyes. She also applies products of Blacktrack Fluidline and MAC Teddy. Coming to her skin, MAC Studiofix foundation works wonders for her and Bobbi Brown concealer is good for her skin tone. These are the products you will always find with her wherever she goes. A bit of moisturizer when she is off her makeup does all the good to her skin.

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