Quick Home Remedies to Prevent and Manage Greasy Hair

Oily and greasy hair can cause you to have a bad hair day. Many people suffer form the problem of really greasy hair. This is generally due to excess oils in the hair. Your hair seems greasy if you have too many oil glands. It is not a very serious problem, and you have several remedies to treat it.

greasy hair causes remedies

Causes and Reasons for Greasy Hair Problem:

  • Genes or heredity

If your parents have greasy hair, then even you may inherit the same issue.

  • Hormonal fluctuations

Hormonal imbalance can cause greasy hair in women and girl. Irregular menstrual cycle or birth control pills can be a cause for this.

  • Hair texture

The texture of your hair also plays a role. People with coarse hair have less greasiness than those with fine hair.

Top Homemade Remedies for Greasy Hair Problems:

Best tips for greasy hair

Check out these simple and easy remedies to get rid of all excess oils:

Try Aloe Vera Gel for greasy hair:

Using Aloe Vera gel is the best natural remedy to treat greasy hair. Mix a tablespoon of lemon juice and a teaspoon of Aloe Vera gel freshly taken out to a cup of any shampoo that is mild. After mixing well, keep it in a bottle and store in your refrigerator. Use this mixture every day to shampoo your hair for a week. After a week, prepare a fresh mixture. Your hair will be prevented from getting greasy, and all oil will be removed.

Baking Soda or Powder for cleaning greasy hair:

Baking soda is another product that keeps your hair clean. It has loads of other benefits too. You must use baking soda only after diluting it well. The greasiness and oils in your hair is curbed when you apply baking soda. Take two or three tablespoons of the powder and add to a glass of water to make a solution. Use this solution to apply well on your hair and scalp. Let it stay for some twenty minutes and then wash off using your normal shampoo.

Beer or Alcohol for greasy hair:

Use an alcoholic beverage to wash your hair after a shampoo. It reduces the greasiness of your hair by imparting a drying effect to it. Take half a cup of either beer or alcohol and mix some cups of water. It is better to take an ingredient with  high content of alcohol. Use this mixture to rinse your hair and make your hair shine along with reducing the greasiness.

Eggs Yolk for removing greasy hair:

Egg yolk works really well to remove greasiness and also impart a shine to your hair. All the excess greasiness is removed, and your hair feels fresh. Take a cup, and add 2 egg yolks, and a few drops of lemon juice. Mix them and beat well. After that, take the mixture and apply thoroughly on your hair. Your hair must be wet to apply this. Let it stay for about five to seven minutes before washing it off. Make sure you rinse well and make your hair clean. Make this preparation and wash your hair at least three times a week to clean your hair completely and get rid of the greasiness.

Lemon or Diluted Vinegar:

After you shampoo your hair, rinse with lemon juice or vinegar. Take 2 tablespoons of either white vinegar or lemon juice, and mix in a cup of water. Rinse with this solution and then wash with water. Shampoo build up is controlled, and your hair is prevented from getting greasy.

Mint Leaves for freeing greasy hair:

This is another product that works well at making your hair free of the greasiness. Take some mint leaves and boil them well in two glasses of water. Let it boil for around fifteen to twenty minutes. Take this mixture and mix with your usual shampoo. Apply the mixture on your hair. The astringent properties of mint help in removing excess oils and make your hair clean.

Oatmeal relieves from greasy hair:

Oatmeal comes next in the list of products to remove the greasiness of your hair. Oatmeal soaks the oil in your scalp really well as it is really thick in consistency. Any itchiness of your scalp is also prevented. You get relief from all hair issues. Prepare some oatmeal and wait for it to cool down. After that, take some oatmeal and apply on your scalp. Cover all parts well. Let it stay for around ten to fifteen minutes, and then wash off using your usual shampoo.

Rosemary and Tea Rinse

Rinse your hair with rosemary and tea to remove excess oils and get rid of the greasiness. Mix together two tablespoons of dried rosemary and a cup of boiling water. Keep it covered to steep for around twenty minutes. After that, strain out the solution and let it cool down. When it cools down completely, transfer the solution to a plastic bottle and store it. After each shampoo, use this decoction made with rosemary to splash on your hair.

Shampoo your Hair Daily:

shampooing hair daily removes greasy

This is the simplest technique to control greasy hair. Keep your hair clean and free of oil by using a shampoo with a pH of level 6.7 or more. Rinse thoroughly to ensure that no residues are left back in your hair. Avoid conditioners, as they cause your hair to get greasier by coating the hair. Brush often to stimulate the oil glands.

Diluted Tea for greasy hair:

Use a mixture of diluted tea to rinse your hair after shampooing. The tannic acid in tea acts like an astringent and reduces the oiliness in your hair. Take a glass of water and boil some tea leaves in it. Make it lukewarm and apply on your hair and scalp. After some time, use water and shampoo to wash it off.

All these easy and simple remedies help you get rid of greasy hair and keep your hair clean. The excess oils are removed from your hair to make it shiny. You will feel really better once you start any treatment. Try it out to reap all benefits.

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