Radish Juice for Weight Loss – Does it Work?

Sometimes even after trying various medications and exercises you fail to get rid of obesity and feel very disappointed. Then it is time that you make a few changes in your lifestyle. Including radish (daikon) juice in your regular diet is one among them. You can have various ways and consume various foods to lose weight. But the best way to do is to opt for some fast juice diet that has a long term effect on your body and causes no side effects whatsoever.

Radish Juice Benefits

The medications or the weight-loss supplements that you see in advertisements, promising that you can lose weight within a specific number of days, are not very healthy for your body. They can cause a number of side effects. They are expensive and often not as effective as they promise to be.

On the other hand, radish is one such vegetable, which if you add in to your daily diet, can help you lose weight very effectively. Radish is also called daikon in most of the Asian countries. Radish is not at all costly like the medications and weight-loss supplements that you buy. They also come with zero side effects. So, it is one of the best for people on a weight loss regime.

Why to Drink Radish Juice?

Raw or cooked radish is high in nutrients and is excellent for losing weight. But the juice of radish works even better than the raw radish you eat. This is because when it is in the juice form, your body will be able to absorb the nutrients faster and more efficiently. Moreover, by consuming radish juice you will be able to take in more nutrients than you could have when you eat it raw or in the cooked form.

You take the juice of radish by grinding it. When you grind it, the juice that you get is full of vitamins, minerals and isothiocyanate. isothiocyanate contains antioxidants. It is also known to have cancer preventing properties. So, along with its ability to help you lose weight, it is also healthy for your body.

How Antioxidants Help?

When antioxidants are present in the food you consume, the process of anti-oxidation in the body takes place. Oxidation is a process that can cause damage of the tissues. Anti-oxidation is a process that can prevent oxidation. So, antioxidants are essential for protecting the tissues from dying or tearing away.

When anti-oxidation process is carried on in your body, the metabolism rate goes up. This helps in ensuring that not much fat is stored in the body. This way radish juice helps in losing weight.

Other benefits of radish juice:

Radish juice is great for cleaning the digestive tract by acting as a detoxifier. It also removes all other toxins from the body. It helps in enhancing the digestive process that takes place in your body and also makes sure that the bile flow is maintained properly. Proper digestion helps in preventing the formation of any gas in your body, thereby controlling the filling up of gas in your body.

How to Consume Radish Juice for Weight Loss?

It is really very hard to consume radish juice as it is, because it can taste too strong and bitter. So, you can improve the taste of radish juice by adding other fruit and vegetable juices to radish juice. This will help you consume it peacefully. You can add carrot, apple or pineapple juice to radish juice.

Yummy Radish Juice Recipes:

Recipe 1: Radish juice combined with pineapple juice

Ingredients needed:

  • A bowl of pineapple slice
  • A piece of radish

Preparation Method:

  1. Cut pineapple into small pieces.
  2. Wash the radish well to remove all impurities and ten peel off the skin.
  3. Cut it into small pieces.
  4. Put the fruits and radish pieces into a blender and blend well.
  5. Your healthy radish juice is ready for you.

Now that you know the immense benefits of radish juice and how it can help you lose weight, include it in your daily diet today itself an worry no more about obesity. You will get a slim body with regular consumption of this juice.

Radish Juice Health Benefits:


Half a cup of radish contains 1 gm of fibre. This is great for weight loss. Increasing the consumption of fibre can greatly help in losing weight. Fibre is the portion of plant that remains undigested. So, when you eat foods rich in fibre, your stomach will feel full for a longer time. So, by adding radish in your daily diet, you tend to eat less food than you used to. This in turn helps in losing weight.

Glycemic index:

You can lose weight by eating foods that are low in glycemic index. Radish is one such food. The glycemic index of a food is based on how long it takes to break down and digest in the body. Foods with high glycemic index break down quickly and can cause a sudden increase in the blood sugar levels after the meal. Then the body responds by secreting more insulin to bring down the blood sugar levels. Too much of insulin can interfere with the fat-burning processes in the body. This way your body may store more fat. Eating foods low in glycemic index helps in maintaining the blood sugar levels in the body within normal range. This way storage of fat is also prevented.

Low in calories:

Radish is low in calories. So it is considered great for helping you lose weight. You can replace some of your snacks with radish juice and see the difference it brings to you.

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