Unique Beauty Uses of Vaseline: Skin Care Tips

People have been using Vaseline for ages and it has lots of benefits. Other than applying on the lips, Vaseline or petroleum jelly has a lot of other uses for our complete body care as well. It is good for applying on burns and to heal diaper rash. It is also used as a shoe shiner and to fix squeaky doors. It is a common item that is found in every medicine cabinet.

Vaseline Unique Beauty Uses

Awesome Uses of Vaseline in Our Daily Life:

As a fire starter:

If you are planning to light a campfire at night, Vaseline can be of great use. Just dip a cotton ball in Vaseline and this helps in starting the fire without any difficulty.

Cuticle care:

Vaseline is very effective for protecting your cuticles as well as for repairing dry cuticles. It also helps in providing you soft hands.

Massage your nail bed and finger nails with Vaseline before you go to bed and wear a pair of gloves. Next morning you will see that your hands have become smooth and the nails shinier. This is because your skin and the cuticle are made up of the same protein. So, when your skin loses its moisture, the cuticle also becomes dry and cracked. Vaseline keeps your cuticles well hydrated and prevents dryness.

Defrizzes your hair:

Vaseline is of great use for those who have dry and frizzy hair. Take a small amount of Vaseline in your palms and rub it on your hair. This will make your hair soft and manageable. However, make sure that you take only a small amount. Otherwise it will make your hair greasy. It is also good for concealing the dryness at the ends of your hair due to split ends.

Easy eye makeup remover:

The easiest way to remove eye makeup is to swipe some Vaseline on your eyes. This will remove it within no time. Rinse your eyes with water as soon as you remove the makeup to avoid any irritation that may be caused.

Fixes stuck zippers:

Stuck zippers can be very annoying, especially when you are in a hurry. Just apply some Vaseline on both sides of the stuck zipper. This will help to correct it easily.

False eyelash remover:

Vaseline is excellent for removing false eyelash. Just apply some Vaseline on the false eyelash with a cotton bud. This will soften the glue and then you can wash with warm water to remove them.

Heals cracked feet:

Vaseline is excellent for healing cracked heels and making it soft. It is also good for your body and keeps your body supple and smooth. At night, before you go to sleep, rub Vaseline on your feet and put on a pair of clean socks. The oils present in Vaseline help in locking the moisture on your skin and it also stays for a longer time on your skin than the other water based lotions. So there is a quick healing of the skin.

Helps to insert earrings:

When you don’t use earring regularly, it is often very painful to insert studs and earrings. To solve this problem, apply some Vaseline on your earlobes. Now you will see that you can easily insert earrings and it is not at all painful.

Lip scrub:

When applying lip balm is just not enough for your lips, then you can use Vaseline as a scrub and gently exfoliate the skin of your lips. It proves to be much better than the expensive products that you buy from the market. Take some sugar and Vaseline and mix well. Now apply this on your lips and scrub your lips gently. For best results you can massage in circular motions. After massaging, wipe your lips and apply a lip balm.

There are different types of sugars and you can choose the sugar of your choice to scrub your lips. Brown sugar is softer, while white sugar is more abrasive. Caster sugar is the finest among them.

Makes perfume last longer:

Before you spray the perfume, apply some Vaseline on your neck and wrist. You will smell great throughout the day.

Opens stuck drawer:

Sometimes your drawer gets stuck and you find it really hard to open it. If you have such a problem, Vaseline can be of great use. Apply some Vaseline to prevent it from getting stuck. This makes it easy for you to open the drawer smoothly.

Opens your nail polish bottle easily:

If you have difficulty in opening your nail polish bottle, rub a little of Vaseline around the neck of the bottle after you use it. This will prevent the nail polish from getting deposited around the neck of the bottle and you will have no trouble in opening it next time.

Prevents chafing:

Running, particularly in winter times, leads to windburns and chafing. Vaseline is great for treating such problems. Apply some Vaseline on the areas of the skin that are prone to chafing and this will prevent irritations and rashes, keeping your skin smooth and hydrated.

Prevents lipstick stains:

If you rub some Vaseline on your teeth before you apply a bright lipstick, you can prevent it from sticking on to your teeth and staining your teeth.

Skin highlighter:

Apply a little bit of Vaseline on your cheekbones and brow bones and you will see that this gives a dewy touch to your face. So, you can say that it is a non-costly way to get a glowing skin.

Softens elbows:

If your elbows are rough and cracked, apply some Vaseline at night before you go to sleep. This will provide you soft and smooth elbows with regular use.

Tames eyebrows:

If your eyebrows look untidy and rough, apply some Vaseline over it. This will make it look tidy and in shape.

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