Beauty Benefits of using Ice cubes on Face and Skin: Best Tips

In a terrible hot weather during the summer months, ice cubes are such a relief. It completely cools your body and soul and saves you from the scorching heat. Adding two or three ice cubes in your usual juice or syrup cools down your whole system. You can even add it to your normal water for an additional coolness. It quenches are lifetime thirst when you come back home. After spending a tiring day shopping at the shopping mall, or a hard day working at the office, it really makes you feel really good. Even though it is not very good to use it when you feel too hot, everyone uses it. Ice cubes are known to have a bad effect on your throat. It affects your tonsils and can cause cold and cough. People suffering from tonsillitis should actually stay away from consuming ice cubes. Even though they affect your throat negatively, ice cubes have commendable benefits for your skin. You can use ice cubes for the advantages it offers for your face. Including ice cubes in your daily beauty regime is actually a good idea. Wonder how? Well, read on to know more about uses of ice cubes on your face and skin:

icecubes benefits face skin

  1. After working for a long time, when you feel tired, take some ice cubes and place on your eyes. Your eyes get a soothing effect. It cools them down and gives you relief. This is a very simple beauty tip that you can use whenever you feel tired.
  2. Before you apply makeup on your face, rub some ice cubes over your face. This makes your makeup last longer.
  3. During the summer months, your skin gets dehydrated. The face is most affected. In such cases, when your skin stretches and you feel uncomfortable, rub some ice cubes on your face. This gives your face a cooling effect and gives you relief.
  4. Getting pores of large size is prevented by using ice cubes. They reduce the large pores and make them smaller. Moreover, the production of excess oil on your face is also prevented. Production of oil is minimized to a great extent, helping people who have oily skin. Take a soft cloth and tie two ice cubes in it. Use this tied up cloth to massage your face. Keep massaging until the ice completely melts.
  5. Here is an idea that is even better than rubbing ice cubes on your face. Pour some fruit juice in your ice tray and leave it to freeze. Use these ice cubes to rub your face. This gives your face the goodness of fruits as well, and your complexion becomes more radiant.
  6. Ice cubes can help you get rid of acne as well. They work really well on your acne and help you get relief. Pricking and piercing your whiteheads and blackheads are bad for your skin, and using ice cubes offers instant relief. Take an ice cube and place it over the affected area. The redness and swelling are reduced considerably to give you relief and a cooling effect.
  7. In this heat, getting sunburns is a very common phenomenon. Most people suffer from this issue. In such cases, using ice cubes can give you relief. Take some ice cubes and wrap them up in a cloth. Use this cloth to rub the areas affected by sunburns. It gives a cooling effect and relieves the pain and irritations in an instant.
  8. Spending hours at late night parties, and in front of the laptop affects your eyes. You get ugly patches all over the lower eyelids. These dark circles can make your face look too tired and sick. Trying this new tip is more effective than cucumber slices. Boil some rose water and mix with cucumber juice. Freeze this solution. Take the ice cubes and keep on your dark circles. The under-eye circles fade away easily and puffiness is reduced. Before putting in the freezer, remember to let the rose water cool down.
  9. There are times when you are in too much hurry and have no time to put on your make up. Stepping out of your without makeup may be something you dread, and you get worried and have no idea what to do. In this situation, ice cubes come to your rescue. Ice cubes can give your face a fresh and dewy look in an instant. Without using any make up on your face, it gives that radiant look and makes your face look fresh and rejuvenated.  Take one or two ice cubes and rub them on your face. Do it when you are in a hurry, and you are all ready to step out. Even with no makeup on, your face looks as beautiful as ever.
  10. You can increase the circulation of blood on your face by using ice cubes to rub on a daily basis. Better blood circulation gives your face a natural and healthy glow. Regular use of ice cubes for rubbing has also got the ability to prevent premature ageing and wrinkles.
  11. If you get affected by heat rash, use ice cubes to treat them. Instead of using them on your face directly, use a soft cotton cloth to wrap them up and press on the affected area. The coolness of the ice cubes gives you instant relief.

Beauty Tips to Remember:

  • Be careful not to use more than two ice cubes. Using too many cubes causes skin problems that make the situation even worse.
  • The delicate capillary under your skin can break if you use ice cubes directly. So, only use cubes wrapped up in a clean cloth.

Now that you know how beneficial ice cubes can be for your skin, use them in the correct way and get maximum benefits from them. Keep the tips in mind, and use them as effectively as you can.

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61 Responses

  1. Simran says:

    Good benefits and very soft

  2. pooh says:

    Cool ideas…tysm:):)

  3. viju says:

    dont use ice cubes directly to skin better to wrap vth cotton cloth

  4. Mia gay says:

    I knew it .. and i did it ..

  5. rekha says:

    i applied ice directly on face, after few hours got rashes on my face, now what to do??? please sugest me….

    • Nikitha says:

      plz don’t apply ice on skin directly for long hours. you need to wrap it in a cloth and then apply. Now since you got rashes don’t expose your skin to water or ice for few days. Take a cloth and soak it in cold milk and apply it on the rashes area for faster relief

      • lezah says:

        I applied the ice directly to my face also and my face turns reddish, I followed the suggestion to put milk on it. I would like to ask, after putting milk, what’s the next thing to do?

        • Nikitha says:

          if you are having severe rashes then you need to consult a physician immediately. In general if problem is not severe using ice cubes or milk will work

  6. simran says:

    Mere face de pores bht jyada open aa nd blemishes v bht aa plss suggest me !

  7. Akshay says:

    Can we use ice packs??

  8. siliya says:

    i got wrinkels on my eye patches how do i get rid of them after using ice cubes

  9. vineet says:

    I have dark spots on my skin..even after applying ice its not what should I do..?

  10. Harris Zahid says:

    My eyes give a weary and tired look, even though I have no dark circles but some puffiness lies below my eyes. How to reduce this? I use ice cubes every other day but its simply not working. Moreover I need some tips on how to reduce the paleness of skin and get a radiant fair complexion? Mine is fair already but my facial skin is layered with pale colour which sucks.

  11. akhila says:

    may i know one thing, that i usually apply moisturizer after ice tharapy on face. is thad good or not ???
    pls reply

  12. Marzie says:

    I have a question. How long I have to put ice on my skin? For example 10 min or 20 min. Plz reply thank you

  13. herry says:

    Its amazing yaar.
    When i touch my face after using ice cubes,skin becomes so soft like little baby skin yupeeeee

  14. sridhi says:

    will using ice reduce acne scars

  15. hajra says:

    currently i’m having quite visible pores with acne n acne scars on my cheeks. is icing advisable for me right now? n yeah my skin is quit sensitive n dry and i experience redness after ice-therapy is it safe?

    • Nikitha says:

      Your skin may look red after you do have done ice pack, but this redness should go away in 20-30 minutes. If it doesn’t go in that time then you should not do this pack on your skin anymore and consult a skin specialist for further advice

  16. Deva says:

    My face is always oily. . Wt to do…

  17. Kathy says:

    I’ve been using ice cubes on my face every morning before putting avocado oil as my moisturizer and i am loving how my skin turns soft and smooth all day..

  18. ravikumar says:

    I have pores on cheeks how can I remove pores plz give me tips

  19. sushmitha says:

    I have acne marks on my face&dark circles under my eyes..can i use icecubes for that? If so…how many times i should apply it

  20. Jaya Bharbhari says:

    Can i do this icing therapy daily?

  21. rohit Kumar says:

    M suffering frm skin tanning. Will ice cubes help in this situation? ?

  22. Rohit Gaba says:

    I hv acne scar on my face nd cn i use ice cubes on dat… if any results for dat plzz rply

  23. Queen Reine says:

    My skin around my mouth is dry . Is it okay of I put ice around it ?

  24. Aditya says:

    hEllo Nikita i am 22 years old boy ,i massage my face two times my face about 15 minutes with ice cubes in summer only .Is it ok

  25. Esha khan says:

    Can u tell how to use ice cubes for dark circleee? I am very much tense please give some remedie

  26. Gulafsa Praveen says:

    Hi Nikita !!! I am 21 years old. My skin colour is Dusky and also some face areas are more dark… What i do? Plzz Suggest me…..

  27. nisha singh says:

    hello nikita
    how many ice cubes cn we use in a day ?. as I use directly 2 my skin

  28. Aryan says:

    Hii nikita
    I get too much of taning on my face , what to do plese tell me….

  29. radha says:

    i am apply green tea ice cube on face. but my cheecks are becoming redish so what should i do.. my skin is becoming worse

  30. WahNayMoo says:

    My face have some spot and acne . And some back head. So how to heal those this. Pls can you suggest me . Pls reply to me . I’m looking forward your comment

  31. Pearl says:

    I applied ice cubes directly and now i have a rash on my cheek can i use ice wrapped in cloth to treat this rash now?? Plz answer

  32. Alekhya says:

    I applied ice cube on my eyes and skin my skin get effected and burning like sun I didn’t apply ice directly I apply by using cloth

  33. Jerie Segundo says:

    Hi! I have personally experienced acne breakouts and pimple marks. I think its because of the over production of oil on my face. And since I started applying ice cubes on my face religiously in the morning and at night, I noticed visible results! Now my face feels very smooth and my pores are hardly noticeable! I am soooo in love with ice therapy! Now I tried adding lemon juice in water before freezing and my pimple marks are almost gone! After so many months of experimenting with different creams and facial cleanser, I finally found the right treatment for me! ❤️

  34. Nidhi says:

    i directly applied ice on my face without using cloth for almost week …is it okayy ? is that a very big problem ?

    • Nikitha says:

      If you don’t feel any irritation or rashes on skin, then its fine or else if anything is wrong after applying ice directly you need to consult a skin specialist

  35. Flappy says:

    I hav got some pimple marks does ice cubes vill mako it rid off

  36. Gemini says:

    I’ve always put ice directly to my skin and gets red but then it seems better even if not using cloth

  37. Rakshitha says:

    It’s amazing…….and it also removes tan………..

  38. Moon says:

    Afer I put a charcoal hip on my nose can i put ice cubes?so that my porse get smaller?

  39. Gasana Mabel says:

    I have used icetubes for three days now,my skin looks more clearer,my pimples have dried and I lk younger,but can I continue using it around my neck area to prevent wrinkles. Age is beginning to catch up with me.I will be 42years in November.

  40. Britney says:

    I put ice directly on my face and my face became red. After it became red I washed my face with warm water, then the redness went away. But my question is, can I just put ice in a bag? Do I HAVE to use a washcloth?

    • Nikitha says:

      Its better you put ice in a cloth and then use it on your face. Directing applying ice on skin may be fine for a shorter duration but applying for longtime isn’t a good idea.

  41. priyanka jadhav says:

    it seems really good..i would like to try this natural remedy..thnx a lot for guidence…

  42. prabhu says:

    i have pimples on my face it will be fine to apply cubes?????

  43. manisha yadav says:

    Can I rub ice anytime I want it will not effect my skin right??! Pls reply

  44. Khandaker says:

    The article is very informative and useful…thanks for sharing it.!!!
    People can use portable ice makes to produce fresh, clean and clear ice cubes of different shapes and sizes.

  45. jessa baquial says:

    when do I apply/ use facial wash in my face? after or before putting an ice? pls tell me

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