Easy or Quick Ways to Remove Mehndi from Hands and Feet

Applying mehndi/mehandi on your hands and feet is now a fashion and a large number of mehandi designs are available. It stays o your skin for about one or two weeks and then slowly fades away. But sometimes they take too long to fade away. Then there are some simple methods to speed up the process of fading.

Remove Mehendi feet hands

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Easy and Safe ways to remove Mehndi are:


One of the common ways used for removing mehandi is bleaching. It is effective and makes the color fade away. For this you have to take the bleach that you use on your face and hands and apply the bleach on the mehandi that you want to remove. Once it dries, rinse your hands immediately in water. You will see that the color has faded. You may dip your hands in cold water after the color is removed.

Hydrogen Peroxide:

Hydrogen peroxide is also useful in removing henna from your hands. This is a non-toxic and mild liquid that you will get from a drug store. It may not be beneficial for all types of skin. So, it is better you conduct a patch test before you use it on your entire hand for removing henna. To remove henna, all you have to do is to dip a cotton ball in hydrogen peroxide and rub it gently on your hands. Leave it for a while and you will see that the color of the henna starts fading.

Hair Conditioners:

Hair conditioners may also be used to remove henna from your hands. Pour some hair conditioner on your hands and rub your hands well. This can remove henna effectively.

Hot Water+Chlorine:

Take a small bowl and put some chlorine in to it. Add hot water to it and mix well. Dip your hand in to this solution for 2 to 3 minutes. This helps in fading the henna. When you dip your hands in this solution, you may feel some irritation and itchiness, but you need not worry. It will go away soon.

Warm Water:

One of the easy ways is to dip your hands in warm water for some time. Then take them out and rub well. Repeat this process a number of times till you see henna fading away.

Lemon Juice:

Lemon juice is also used to remove henna. Take a lemon and squeeze the juice out. Rub your hands well with this juice. This helps in removing mehndi from your hands.

Lemon Juice+Baking Soda:

Take some lemon juice and baking soda and make a thick paste by mixing them. Apply this paste on the henna and leave it there for about 10 minutes. When the mixture gets dried up, rub on it gently in circular motion with a soft loofah and exfoliate the skin. Now rinse your hands in warm water. If the henna is not removed completely, you may repeat this process. After the henna gets removed from your hand, you must apply a good hand moisturizer because this paste makes your hands completely dry.

Olive oil:

Using olive oil is one of the most simple and gentle ways to remove henna from your hands and feet. Olive oil acts as an emulsifier and helps in removing henna. Take olive oil in a small cotton ball and swipe it over your hands well. Mixing a little salt with olive oil makes the process of henna removal faster. Leave the oil on your hands for about 10 minutes, so that the oil penetrates in to the skin. Continue doing this at intervals of a few hours. Gradually the henna will start fading away. Since olive oil is a good moisturizer, this process is safe and do not dry or harm your hands in any way.

Sun Rays:

Spending time in the sun also helps in fading the henna stains. But sun rays may be harmful to your skin if you spend too much time in the sun. You need to take all precautions like applying sunscreen lotion on your face and other exposed parts of your body and protecting your eyes using goggles and so on when you go out in the sun.

Soap Wash:

Another easy and convenient method to remove mehndi from your hands is to wash your hands with soap. Do this every half an hour, till you see the mehndi fading away. You will have to wash it at least 12 to 14 times a day to get the desired result. It is better to use an antibacterial soap as it exfoliates the skin the best.

Salt Water:

Salt water can also help you in removing henna. Dip your hands in salt water and soak them for about 20 minutes. The salt helps in the diffusion of the henna ink into the water. You may have to repeat a several times to remove henna from your hands.

Sweat Exercising:

Henna stain is also removed if you sweat and perspire. So you can start exercising, especially aerobic exercises, which makes you sweat heavily and help in lightening the henna stains. Other than exercise, any activity that causes you to sweat heavily will aid in removing the dead cells of the skin which will also remove the henna stains with it. So, indulge in activities like playing, jogging, cycling, running and so on and get the henna removed along with sweat.

Skin Remover:

You can also use a dead skin remover to remove henna from your hands. But before applying the remover you have to take an allergy test and ensure that your skin is not allergic to the remover. Dead skin remover can greatly reduce the henna stains on your hands. Just rub your hands with it and you will see the color of henna fading.


You can also use toothpaste for removing henna from your hands. Apply tooth paste on your hands and wait till it dries up. Then rub your hands well and your will the color fading.

So, next time when you want to remove mehndi from your hands, try one of the above mentioned methods and remove mehndi successfully.

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