Essential and Beginners Guide to using Makeup Brushes

When you do makeup, you must be very careful in choosing the right colors that suit your skin type and other features of your face. In a way it is an art and if you do it properly, you will look good and if done badly, you will spoil your looks. There are various brushes and other tools to help you do the makeup properly without any difficulty. In order to perform the task well, you must know about the different brushes that are available and their uses. If you use the wrong brush, you will end up in a mess.

Makeup Brushtypes Guide

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Different Types of Makeup Brushes that you can use are:

Type 1: Blush Brush:

Blush brush is the most common brush in that you use when you do makeup. Using this brush you can apply the blusher very lightly on your cheek hollows or the cheek bones in gentle circular strokes. When you use a stick blusher, you can apply it on your cheeks with your finger tips. If the blusher you use is cream based, you will have to use a concealer brush that is kept particularly for it or you may use a special contour brush to apply the blusher properly. You must not use a sponge to apply cream blusher. Mac 116, MAC 129 and MAC larger angled contour brushes are some of the best blush brushes you can get.

Type 2: Concealer brush:

If it is a stick concealer, you can apply it with your finger tips or a makeup sponge. On the other hand, if the concealer is cream based, then it is necessary that you use a brush specially designed for it. With the concealer brush you can easily conceal and cover the blemishes on your face effectively. Mac 195 is one of the best concealer brushes that you can get. Faces 2 in 1 foundation and concealer brush is also good, especially for the beginners. It is available at reasonable price also.

Type 3: Contour or Bronzer Brush:

This brush is used when you apply blusher of darker shade or bronzer on the contours of your face like the cheek, on the sides of the nose bone, sides of the chin, sides of your forehead and so on. This is done to make your features look sharp and chiseled. You have to keep aside separate contour brushes for different colors and for bronzers also you have to keep a separate brush. If you prefer to use brushes with round tips as contour brushes, then MAC 109 is a good one to use. If you want brushes with angled tip, you can use MAC 168 or Inglot 3p angled brush.

Type 4: Lip Brush:

rofessionals always use a lip brush to apply lipstick on the lips. You can moisten the brush slightly and then take the color and apply it. This way the lip stick stays for a longer time and the lipstick is also not wasted. MAC 316 and Inglot 12s are some of the products.

Type 5: Round Tipped Smooth Shadow Blending Brush:

If you use eye shadow, having this brush is a must. It allows the shadow to blend properly on the lid. It is also very useful when you use more than one color as this brush helps different colors to blend with each other. It is especially beneficial when you do a smokey eye makeup. MAC 217, Inglot 4SS and Inglot 6SS are some of the best blending brushes you can use.

Type 6: Small and Big Powder Brushes:

To make your face smooth and give it a professional touch, it is advisable that you apply compact face powder with a brush. There are powder brushes of various sizes, from big to small. When you powder the areas around your eyes, you can use small brushes. Bigger ones are used to powder your chin, cheeks and foreheads and also the top of your nose bone. Some of the best brushes that are big are MAC 134 powder brush and MAC 150 brush. MAC 224 is a small brush that you can buy to powder your face.

Type 7: Smudge Brush:

Smudge brush is of great use when you apply eye shadows and want to give it a smudged look. It is also used for smudging the lip liners and gives them a natural look. When you use bright and bold colors on your lips, using smudge brush is all the more essential. Mac 219 and Inglot 80hp are among the best smudge brushes that you can get.

Type 8: Stiff Eye Shadow Brush:

If you have the habit of using eye shadows, you must certainly have a stiff eye shadow brush with. When you apply eye shadow with this brush it will give a professional touch to your eye makeup. The brush can take in a lot of color and it makes easy for you to apply on your lids. The shadow stays for a longer time when you use this brush. You can choose small as well as large brushes. Mac 213 and MAC 239 are small brushes while MAC 227 is a large brush.

Some other Makeup Brushes are:

  1. Lash groomer brush helps in brushing the lashes and makes them look flawless.
  2. Fan brush helps you to apply blush on your cheekbones.
  3. Eye shadow brush has a spongy tip and is used to apply eye shadow.
  4. Mascara brush helps to curl your eyelashes perfectly.
  5. Angle brush helps in filling the gaps in your eyebrows.
  6. With the foundation brush you can apply the liquid foundation evenly on your face.
  7. Blending brush id for blending the eye shadows and eyeliner brush helps you to apply the eyeliner in a way that you prefer. You can make the thinnest as well as the thicket line using the eyeliner brush.

If you use these brushes regularly, you must wash the brushes after using 2 or 3 times. If you use them only once in a while, wash the brushes after every use, dry them and keep them.

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