How to Hide a Double Chin with Makeup: Simple Tricks

Do you have double chin? Then you must be feeling very embarrassed when you face people. It can lower your confidence levels and self-esteem. So, it is better you find some ways to tackle this problem. The earlier you find out a solution, the better. If you ignore it, you will get upset and embarrassed.

Hide Double Chin

If you are wondering how you can get rid of the double chin, this post will help you. You can get rid of your double chin without spending a huge sum of money on expensive treatments. Here are some simple and creative ways that will help you cover your double chin with the proper makeup.

Makeup to hide double chin:

Dress smart:

The way you dress helps a lot in deciding making a lot of difference on how your chin looks like. Try to choose dresses that help in taking the attention away from your double chin. Wear dresses that will help people notice of your neckline, collar bones or even your throat, but not the chin. So, try wearing scoop neck tops. This helps a lot in hiding your double chin.

A scoop neck top is able to give a wide view of your throat and collarbones. It is also stylish. You can pair it with a formal pair of trousers and look pretty.

You can also add a little more shimmer and sparkle to your neckline and draw attention towards it.

Define your jaw line:

Just as you highlight your eyes, cheeks and lips, you can also try and define clearly your jaw line. For this you can use a bronzer. Take it on a brush and apply it across your jaw line. If you have a dark or wheatish complexion, you can try gold-toned bronzer. For fairer skin, rose-toned bronzer is best.

By highlighting your jaw line, you can draw the attention away from your chin, towards your jaw line.

Get cheeky:

This does not mean that you have to be cheeky literally. It means that you should try wearing makeup that helps in highlighting your cheeks and eyes. You can try wearing subtle eyeshades for your eyes. As for the cheeks, use blusher upwards. This will enhance the area prominently. With this makeup, your cheeks and eyes will draw attention. As a result, the attention will be diverted from your double chin.


If you want to hide your double chin, you should take care not to try any hairdo that fall on your neck. This can attract the attention towards your chin. The volume of the hair hanging over your neck only enhances your double chin. One hair style that you can try is high ponytail. You can also go for a bob cut. This way you need not think of a new tricky hairstyle each morning you get up. You can also try a cute bun or French twist.

One hairstyle that you should completely avoid is hair ending in curls under your chin. This can accentuate your double chin and make it look like a triple chin!


The colour you use on your lips also plays a great role in your appearance. To hide your double chin, try wearing bold lip colours. You can try dark red, dark brown and so on. You can also put on shiny lip gloss on your lips. This will attract the attention to your face, so that less attention is drawn towards your double chin.

So, with these makeup tricks, you can hide your double chin and move around comfortably. Now you need not hesitate to g to your office, attend a party or go out with friends. Nobody will tease you for your double chin. One thing to remember is that you get a double chin when fat gets accumulated in your neck. It happens when there is no physical activity on your neck area. For long term solutions it is therefore better to practice yoga or some exercises that can tone the muscles of your neck. You can also consult your doctor ad take his advice.

The exercise that you can do to get rid of double chin is called platysma exercise. You can do these exercises whenever you want. Since you engage facial muscles in these exercises, you will need some privacy when you practice them.

How to do double chin yoga exercise:

  • First of all you have to lean your head against something that is rigid.
  • With your head leaning back, you have to lengthen your tongue as much as it is possible for you and count up to 10.
  • When you reach 10, put your tongue back inside slowly.

This exercise is very beneficial for getting rid of double chin because it engages muscles that have the control of your chin. So practice it regularly for best results.

If you want to try some other exercises instead of sticking your tongue out, you can try the following exercise. Close your mouth firmly and stand up. Now try to touch your chest with your chin. Lift you head up and then drop it down again. You can repeat this exercise several times in the beginning. To get the best results, increase the number of repetitions every week.

There are also many other exercises that can help you get rid of your double chin.

Double chin Plastic surgery:

Double chin surgery is a permanent way to get rid of double chin. It helps in removing the extra fat or skin. However, it is very expensive. You can do the surgery in two ways:

  • One is liposuction. This is a procedure in which the fat stores are eradicated from a specific part of your body.
  • The second one is referred to as chin tucks. Here the flabby skin is eliminated by pulling your skin and tightening it.

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