Makeup for Wide Set Eyes – Tips to Make Them Attractive

People with wide set eyes have more space in between the eyes. According to studies, people with wide set eyes are the most beautiful looking. It is also said that if the space between your eyes is more than the length of your eye, then it means that you have wide set eyes. This is a naturally occurring proportion according to scientific research on beauty.  With the right eye makeup you can make your eyes well balanced and beautiful.

Wide Set Eyes Makeup

According to the ancient Chinese face reading principle, people with wide set eyes are said to be more interested in the bigger picture. They do not pay much attention to the details. For example, if your boss has wide set eyes, he/she will respond better if you give him/her a bigger picture rather than giving details.

Eye makeup for the wide set eyes:

Start by shaping your eyebrows:

First of all you have to look at your eyebrows. They frame your face. The shape and length of your eyebrows can affect the profile of your face. By making your eyebrows look thick and filled you can make your eyes appear closer.

The best eyebrow shape that helps in making your wide set eyes look closer is a slightly angled shaped set of eyebrows. A more rounded shape is also suitable for wide set eyes. If you have a naturally angled eyebrow shape, then you are lucky. All that you have to do is to trim and soften your eyebrows. You can use an eyebrow stencil to reshape your eyebrows.

You should not allow your eyebrows to extend far on the outside of your face. Its length should be appropriate. You can align the end of the eyebrow in a straight line that goes from the side of your nose and passes through to the edge of your eye. Hairs beyond this line should be removed.

Another change you can make in its length is to extend it inwards. If you have very full lashes, then you should skip this as it may make you look unnatural. Don’t remove the hair that is already there. If you have sparse eyebrows, then you can extend your lashes inwards.

The inner end of your eyebrows can be aligned with the crease of your nostril. You can shape your eyebrows well by using eyebrow powder and pencil. Draw a line from the inner point, framing the brow above and another line framing the brow below. Now you can make lash like strokes in between, or fill the space with eyebrow powder.

Make skin tone around the eyes uniform:

Apply primer or foundation on your eyelids. This will make your skin smooth and also help in making the skin tone look even. You can apply it all over your eyelid, till the brow bone. If you have dark circles under your eyes, you can use concealer to hide them.

Apply natural colour to eyelid:

Apply a natural shade that is close to your skin colour to the eye lids. Extend it slightly to the outer corner of the eye and a bit above the crease. You can use primary colours like light brown or Champaign along the eye lid. Make sure that you blend the colour well. Otherwise they may form lumps and spoil your look.

Lower lash line:

Use a thin brush and apply a slim colour line below the eye. You can make it the same colour as the one you used on your eyelid.

Inner corners of eye makeup:

You can apply a darker colour towards the inner corner of your eyes and fade it towards to the outer corner. Use dark shades like dark brown for this. This will make your eyes look narrow as the inner corner will be highlighted and the attention will be on that area. Start from the inner end of your eye and glide it smoothly to the outer end.

Highlight and brighten your eyes:

Now you can highlight your eyes by using a colour below the brow bone, in the centre directing the eye to the pupil. Blend it well with the crease colour. Using highlighter helps in complementing your natural eye features like the brow bone and the ends of your eyes. You get different brands of highlighters that help in giving you dazzling and shiny eyes. So, choose one that suits you best and flaunt your beautiful eyes.

Line your eyes:

Take a very dark colour and apply it on the inner corners of your eyes. You can extend it to the middle of the lash line to get the illusion of close set eyes. You can line the lash line with black liner all around. This helps in giving more definition to your eyes. The basic colour pattern will be using darker colour on the inside of the eye and lighter colours on the outside. So choose from your colour palate. It can include two or three colours.

You get various types of eyeliners in different forms, like liquid eyeliner, wet eyeliner and pencil eyeliner. You can use a brush to line your eyes.

Apply mascara:

Now you can apply a coat of mascara so that your eye makeup is complete and it lasts longer. Black mascara helps in making your lashes look longer and darker. Make sure that you curl prior to applying mascara and not after. If you want to get a more dramatic look, you can apply mascara on you lower lashes also.

This method of eye makeup helps in making your eyes look narrower. The dark shades you use helps in putting more attention to the inner corners of your eyes, making them look closer.

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