How to Treat Oily and Greasy Scalp (also Brittle Ends)

Greasy scalp and brittle ends is a condition that most of the women experience. Here the scalp gets sticky and greasy after a day or two of washing your hair, but the ends of the hair remains brittle, dry and split. This can be very annoying and you have to take proper care to avoid such a condition.

Oily Greasy Scalp Treatment

What causes greasy scalp and dry hair ends?

When your scalp produces too much of oil, it can make your hair limp. Very often, the oil does not travel all the way from the roots of the hair to the ends of your hair. This causes dry, brittle and frizzy ends. If you have oily skin, chances are that you will have oily scalp too. External factors like sun light, pollution, use of excessive heat while styling your hair etc can make your hair strands dry and brittle.

You can balance it by following a proper hair care routine. Mostly you experience this condition during the monsoon seasons when the weather is humid. Ignoring it and thinking that a regular wash can make things right is not the way to treat this problem. It will not get right unless you take proper care. You need to clean your scalp frequently if you have oily scalp but it can worsen the condition of the dry hair ends. So, the best way is to use a hair care product that cleans the scalp and at the same time keeps the hair ends supple.

Below are given some simple hair maintenance idea for treating greasy hair and dry and brittle tips.

Oily Scalp or Greasy Scalp – Treatment and Solution:

Best shampoo for your hair:

It is important that you pick the right shampoo for your hair if you have oily scalp and dry hair ends. If the usual brands that you use on your hair cannot do the job well, it is time that you change your shampoo. You get shampoos specially formulated for combination hair in the market.

Dandruff is very common when you have oily scalp. So, you can choose antidandruff shampoos if you are dealing with dandruff also.

Condition hair with care:

After rinsing your hair, it is very important that you condition your hair. Make it a habit and never skip it. Do it after every rinse. Take care to use a rich conditioner on your hair. This will help in getting rid of dryness and split ends effectively. As your scalp is already oily, you need not apply your conditioner on the scalp because this will only make your scalp oilier and make your hair limp. Use a mild shampoo to clean your scalp and hair and then apply an extra nourishing conditioner on the body of your hair to keep it well moisturized and to prevent frizz. This way your hair will remain soft and well nourished and your scalp will remain free from grease. Take extra care of the ends of the hair, where it is most dry.

Olive oil and Fuller’s earth treatment:

There are simple ways to treat greasy hair. One of the ways to treat greasy scalp and brittle ends is to use a simple hair treatment mixture. To make this mixture, take a bowl and fill half of it with fuller’s earth. Now you have to add rose water to it. Add enough to make a creamy paste. Now clean your fingers and apply this paste on your scalp evenly with your finger tips. You can also use a brush for applying it on the scalp. Next you have to heat olive oil. Apply the warm olive oil on your hair body, taking more care on the ends, where the hair is split into half. Leave the two ingredients on your scalp and hair for about one hour. Then you can rinse your hair using a mild shampoo. This is very effective for your scalp and hair. Using these ingredients gives you soft and smooth hair that is free from frizz and without dry ends, and a scalp that is oil free.

Removing Split Ends:

If excess dryness has affected the ends of your hair, then you will have split ends. This can cause damage to your hair. To prevent further splitting of your hair, you will need to cut the ends of your hair. This will prevent the split from going further. The split in not removed can begin from the tip to the shaft of your hair. So it is very important that you trim your hair properly. You can get a trim in the parlour and then start your hair care routine for repairing your hair. After repairing is complete, make sure that you maintain a regular hair care regime. This will help in improving the health and texture of your hair.

Too much oiling not good on your scalp:

Oiling hair is said to be excellent for the scalp and hair. We all love head spa massage and oiling. However, if you oil your hair frequently with thick oils, you will have to shampoo your hair all the more to remove all traces of oil from your scalp and hair. This can cause your scalp to produce more oil, while your hair strands will be left dry and brittle. So, it is better that you use light hair oil, which can be easily absorbed by the hair roots. This way you need not overuse shampoo for washing it off.

When you have oily scalp and dry hair ends, you should avoid using hair straighteners and dryers on your hair. This is because using such products can dry out your hair and scalp. This leads to an increase in split ends and excess secretion of oil on your scalp to balance the dryness caused.

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